Brocair Lakelands

Producing Quality Lakelands For Companion & Show


Now visit Brocair's extended family.


Terra is both loving and talented. When she isn't singing, she is talking or doing tricks. She is a valued member of Sheila's family.


The royal Edward owned, loved, and spoiled by Valerie and Jim.


Poppy, Vera's litter mate sister, showed great potential for the show ring but her career was shortened due to pyometra and consequently had to be spayed. She now lives in Palm Springs enjoying the poolside lifestyle.


Phoebe, litter mate sister to Vera, well on her way to her AKC championship is spoiled by Joe and Robert.


Ginger is a Siren Puppy ask her daddy, she is the best!


Beau is living and loving in Central California.


Daisy a Siren daughter. Living in Portland Oregon with her buddy Gabby(Chow mix), the cat, the bird all spoiled by their owners Jerry and Annette.


Owned by Nickie and Christie (English transplants), Cody will be back in his homeland England soon. Cody loves to hike, agility, sit in the laps of his owners or and do whatever Nickie and Christie are doing.


Archer lives in Santa Barbara loves to play with his Parson Russell

housemate and go for walks on the beach and in the woods.


Lucy, the only girl from Apples first litter, lives in the wonderful California mountains with her owners Ann and Roberta. We love playing in the snow but most of all we love to warm up by the fire after a hard day of playing.