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Brocair Lakelands

Producing Quality Lakelands For Companion & Show


Enjoy meeting the loved and cherished Brocair Lakeland Terriers.


Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, Champion

Revelry’s Picabo Street

Picabo was Danielle's first Lakeland Terrier purchased in 1994. Even at four months old, it was obvious Picabo had star potential. She was bred by Dawn Markham Spencer, breeder of the all time top winning Lakeland in the history of the breed, Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, Champion Revelry’s Awesome Blossom. Dawn taught Danielle how to groom, show, and breed Lakeland Terriers. Picabo lived up to her potential, winning one Best In Show and being the number three Lakeland in the country for two years. Picabo and Danielle succeeded the old fashioned way...hard work, lots of travel, and very little money to advertise. Sadly, Danielle lost Picabo in 2009 at the age of 14 1/2.


Best In Show, Best in Specialty Show, Mexican, International, American Ch Revelry’s Killian Red

KiIllian, Picabo's grandson, is a showy red male Danielle bought when he was a year and a half old. He was raised as a kennel dog, so he required a lot of hard work to get him to adjust to a non kennel household setting. All the work was worth it because he turned out to be one of the best show dogs Danielle has ever owned and shown. While Killian spent time in Mexico with his breeder Dawn Markham Spencer, they won 10 group ones and three Best In Shows. Killian has produced a number of wonderful puppies. At 12 years of age he still has the spark and drive to show.


Champion Brocair's Cherry Bomb of Jezra

Cherry, (aka: "The Cherry Princess") a Killian daughter, and foundation bitch for Brocair Lakelands finished her championship at a year old. She has produced many significant winning dogs for Brocair Lakelands along with some wonderful pet companions. Now, Cherry lives the life of ease basking in the sun in Palm Springs with her housemate "Tony" (another Lakleand), and Dolores, their owner.


Champion Brocair's Picadilly Lilly at Jezra

Dilly, fondly called "silly Dilly" is a Killian grand daughter. She finished her championship with ease. Now she enjoys lounging on the bed, not having to be show groomed, and motherhood. So far she has produced 2008 Northern California Terrier Association puppy group one winner and 2009 Eukanuba Invitational best bred by Exhibitor Lakeland named "Vera". In 2010, Danielle hopes to finish two more of Dilly's daughter, "Phoebe" and "Jazz" who are both well on their way to their championships.


Multiple Best In Show Champion Brocair's Flower Power at Revelry

Tulip finished her championship in a flash. On her way, owner handled by Dawn and Danielle, Tulip won Best Bred by Exhibitor as a puppy at Northern California Terrier Association in 2007. In 2007 and 2008, Tulip won Best Bred by Exhibitor Lakeland at the Eukanuba Invitational. In 2007, She won her first Best In Show at Santa Maria Kennel Club. Her second Best In Show was won one year later with owner-breeder Danielle. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, she was consistently in the top five Lakeland Terriers both in the breed and group system. She is currently being handled by Gustavo Molinari for Tara Thomas and her breeders Danielle and Dawn. Tulip retired from the show ring in October with another group one. She is now running in the yard getting dirty and playing in the water

waiting for motherhood.


Champion Brocair's Sexy Siren at Revelry

Siren lives in the foothills of the Sierra' with her owners, Lois and Rick Montgomery and six Rottweilers-and Siren is the boss! She enjoys working in the yard with Rick but most of all swimming in the pool and floating on the raft. For more information on Siren, e-mail: [email protected].


Brocair's Red Delicious at Revelry

Apple, fondly known as "Applicious", was not fond of the show ring. Even so, she finished her championship quickly because of her breed type and excellent coat. Apple is now living happily in a single dog home loved and cherished by her new co-owner. She will be bred in the future.


Champion Brocair Revelry Vera Wagwags

Vera is a Dilly daughter out of Killian, a close-line breeding. She displays beautiful Lakeland type and is feminine but strong. Vera finished her championship shown from the puppy and bred by exhibitor classes. She was 2009's Best Breed by Exhibitor at Eukanuba. She will be shown on a limited basis in 2010. Motherhood to follow.


Champion Brocair's Kira at Echo, RN, CGC, TT

Kira is owned by Petra Johansson. If it can be done by a dog, Kira has done it from kayaking to obedience, rally, fly ball, freestyle dance, and, oh yeah, conformation. Kira will be bred by her owner in late 2010. Learn more at:


Champion Brocair's Sneekapeek of Jezra

Karley is a five year old grizzle and tan, co-owned by Lindsay Riley and Danielle Green, lives in Washington State and enjoys going to work with her mom and constant companion. Karley is Kira's mother and the daughter of Cherry.


Champion Brocair's Pied Piper at High Hills

Piper is bred by Danielle and co-breeder Lois Montgomery (High Hills). Piper finished her championship before she was a year and a half old with multiple breed over specials from the bred by exhibitor class. We look forward to special her in the future.


Champion Brocair's HRH Prince Harry

Harry is co-bred by Danielle and MarcallaMitchell. Harry was shown by Garbriel Rangel to his championship and then onto multiple best in show and number one Lakeland all systems in 2014. Fondly known as "the red dog" or "that Ted dog", Harry is standing at stud to approved bitches. Harry is loved, cherished and spoiled by Lisa and Kevin.


Champion Brocair's Aston's Tesla

Tesla was bred by Danielle and Dawn Markham Spencer. She is from the exotic car litter. Tesla finished her championship in two weekends to Danielle's delight as dog shows are not Tesla's thing - she would rather be at home chasing gophers and rats and laying on the bed. In 2015, Tesla had her first litter and was a fabulous mother to six grizzle puppies (3 boys and 3 girls). Tesla was Vera's only female born out of three litters and 17 puppies. Vera didn't want any female competition.


Champion Brocair's Mr. F.L. Wright

Hanno is my husband Chaz' love bug, pride and joy, and constant companion! Hanno is from the male designer litter. He finished his championship with ease, loves to go anywhere his people go, and soon will be working on barn hunt and earth dog titles. Hanno is at stud to approved bitches.


Champion Brocair's Gargoyle High Hills

Hanna was bred by Danielle and Lois Montgomery and is co-owned by her and Julio Parisi. Julio finshed Hanna's championship very quickly. Now, she get to stay at home with Julio and be loved, hugged and kissed all day. Hanna's first litter is due Mid-December, 2015 sired by Brocair's HRH Prince Harry.


Champion Brocair's In It To Win It

Winnie is from Piper's first litter, She is one of five females. She finished her championship quickly at Great Western Terrier Association. Winnie won all majors from the bred by exhibitor class. 


Champion Brocair's In It To Win It

Winnie is from Piper's first litter, She is one of five females. She finished her championship quickly at Great Western Terrier Association. Winnie won all majors from the bred by exhibitor class. 


Etta's littermate sister, our red-headed Southern Belle, is living in Tennessee with her owner Demonica. She enjoys life with her housemate Dexter, running and playing. Next year we look forward to seeing Pipa in the show ring.