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Brocair Lakelands

Producing Quality Lakelands For Companion & Show



Brocair Lakelands offers Lakeland Terrier breeding, handling, and grooming as well as handling and grooming services for many other breeds. 


The Lakeland Terrier is an English breed dating back to the 1800s. One of the oldest living terrier breeds still known today, Lakelands were originally developed by farmers in the Lake District to accompany them on hunts and to prevent fox and other vermin from destroying their sheep herds.

The Lakeland Terrier has a dense, wiry coat with longer hair on the legs and muzzle, giving him a distinct beard. Small, sturdy, and workmanlike, the breed’s narrow frame allows him to squeeze into rocky dens to chase after vermin.

While Lakelands offered important services to farmers, they also provided them with sport because they could follow underground for long distances. There are many records of Lakelands going to ground for more than 10 days and surviving.

Although generally a show dog or family companion today, Lakelands can also be found utilizing their natural instincts at earth dog events or digging in the backyard. The breed comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, black and tan, grizzle and tan, liver, red and wheaten with or without a patch of color over the back and shoulders called a "saddle". The Lakeland's ideal size is 14½ inches tall at the shoulder and 17 pounds. 

The Lakeland is bold, friendly and confident but has a quiet disposition. He is well suited for a variety of living situations. His energy level makes him ideal for owners with active lifestyles. His coat sheds minimally and requires periodic clipping or "hand stripping."

To learn more about the breed, visit the US Lakeland Terrier Club website at: or read "Lakeland Terrier" by Patricia Peters, a Kennel Club Book, ISBN: 1593783175.



Danielle Green, an experienced dog breeder, handler, and groomer owns and operates Brocair Lakelands located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Danielle has been involved with purebred dogs since 1977 when she purchased her first purebred Rottweiler, "Greta", as a pet and companion. On the advice of her obedience instructor, Danielle entered Greta in a fun match at her first dog show. Greta was a star at the match and Danielle loved being in the ring with her.

Danielle's accidental entry into the world of dog showing and breeding has given her over thirty years of pleasure. She has shown numerous dogs at many prestigious shows from the Golden Gate Kennel Club to the Westminster Kennel Club. In her handling career, Danielle has won seven Best In Shows and taken her clients and her own dogs to top rankings within their breeds. She is an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit.

After years of campaigning dogs and being away from home 48 weekends out of the year, Danielle now carefully selects the dogs she wants to show which are primarily either her own dogs or dogs she has bred. 


If you would like to know more about Brocair Lakelands, contact Danielle at 925.254.2074, [email protected] or complete the form below.

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